The teaching of Vatican II to spread the message of Christ among non-Christian brethren and the exhortation of Pope Leo XIII, "India, your salvation is in the hands of you children", the spirit of St.Thomas the apostle of India etc inspired the Church and Religious in Kerala, to develop a missionary orientation. Our congregation too, recognizing the need of the time, prepared the members to dedicate themselves for the mission. This was the time of the process of forming North Indian dioceses, like Ujjain, Satna, Assam etc. The Bishops there perceived that the presence and service of the Sisters was essential for the development of the missions in their dioceses. In 1969 , Msgr.John Perumattom invited us to the diocese of Ujjain . On 29th June 1969, five of our sisters  from Pala set foot in the diocese Ujjain and started S.H.Mission in Ujjain.  Beginning with charitative activities in the Pushpa dispensary - now a multi-fecilitated hospital - our sisters started working among the poor and ignorant villagers imparting them the message of the love of Jesus and the gospel values through schools, dispensaries and village visiting programmes.

Our missionary endeavours developed in nine stations smoothly under the patronage of Mar John Perumattom and Mar Sebastian Vadakel and by the help of MST Fathers. In the year 1974 Sisters from Pala started mission in the diocese of Jagdalpur according to the invitation of the Bishop Mar Paulinose Jeerakathil CMI and now it has developed into 4 stations. In 1976.  S.H sisters Pala started rendering services in Raipur diocese . In the year 1979 the services and charism of our Congregation was extended to Rajkot diocese.

The various houses under these dioceses were unified and formed Christu Jyoti Region on 21st April 1991. Sr.Sabeen Muthirakalayil S.H. was the first Regional Superior and succeeded by Sr.Merly James and Sr.Annie Celine. The formation also started in Provincial House at Mendiya, Ujjain. In the year 1991, the house at Nambiakulam was given to Christu Jyoti Region from the Mother Province Pala as the mission house. On 8th September 1998 Christu Jyoti Region was declared as Vice-Province by the Superior General Mother Claris Koikkattil S.H.

According to the request of the Archbishop of Nagpur His Grace Most Rev. Abraham Viruthukulangara, we started a new mission in Nagpur on 1st August 2003. Sisters of this convent are meant to help the perpetual adoration in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese.
According to the revised Constitution (2008) of the Congregation, Christu Jyoti Vice-Province satisfied the requirements to become a Province and on 8th September 2008, Superior General Mother Thresiamma Pallikunnel S.H. declared it as a Province.

According to the request of Mar. Paul Toppo  DD  the Bishop of  Raigarh  we started a mission station at Lailunga parish on 13th June 2010  in which our sisters  do parish activities  and run a Nursery School.  We also started a new mission Station at Gadadha in Rajkot Diocese in the year of 2015.