Vision & Mission


In one word the vision of our Founder Father was "Be different". His thoughts and life style was different from that of the then ordinary people. His dream about his spiritual daughters was that they must live with a higher aim in everything and not be satisfied with an ordinary routine life.  The attitude of going for a 2nd mile is an inspirational push which he advised to his spiritual daughters


  The pioneering missionaries willingly left home and homeland and set out to the missionary land of diverse culture and language, worked hard to share the love and mercy received from the compassionate Heart of Jesus in different fields by all the apostolates . Christu Jyoti from her birth, through the past 40 years is straining hard to proclaim the message of the kingdom of God and to manifest the charism of the Congregation in almost totally non-Christian lands through various works of development, liberation and mainstreaming of lower sects and educating the unlearned. Her accomplishments are fruits of her hard toil amidst challenges.

We work hard for the upliftment of the families especially for the broken families. Families are the centre of society.  The family visits enables us to know the situation of their family and we give them family counseling. The Non formal education that we give to the rural children helps them to come out from their ignorance  and to become  better personalities for the society. The risk and heroic actions that we do for the empowerment of women, children, youth in the rural areas, semi urban is really a benefit for their integrated development

.   Future Prospects

The call we have graciously received from God to be his missionaries to the ends of the world and preach the Good News of Jesus to all compels us with great urgency and more strenuous efforts to work out our task. Our fidelity to the traditionally handed down vision and spirit will help us to be committed to our mission amidst growing oppositions. We have a greater duty to grow in and live out our missionary dimensions and render more zealous service. The thirst of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for souls and dream of a kingdom reigned by the Sacred Heart drive us, the Sacred Heart sisters to drain ourselves in various means and ways of spreading the message of love.